15+ Best P2P4U Alternative Sites to Watch Live Sports Absolutely Free

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You might have heard of P2P4U sport streams if you love sports and enjoy watching online football matches. This website is great for watching live sports matches online for free.

However, users are having trouble streaming P2P4U recently as the site doesn’t hosts content on its server and is supported by ads.

Today, I will be listing the best P2P4U alternatives or perhaps P2P4U.net alternative where you can watch the best online sports matches on any device for free.

What Is P2P4U?

P2P4U stands for Private, Secure, 4U which is a great website for sports enthusiasts and citizens to enjoy live online broadcast of sports events directly from their computers. The website is perfect for those who love to watch different sports and use to stream live sports over the internet.

But despite its many enticing features and various offers, p2p4u lacks some basic key feature which is required to make an e-sport or an online game popular over the World Wide Web. The basic problem that people face with this website is the slow speed of its buffering.

P2P4U is one of the best free Sports live streaming website that offers many online sports matches, including handball, soccer, basketball, P2P4U boxing, NFL football, hockey and baseball and more. You can also watch motor online for free using any web browser on any device.

The free streaming P2P4U site searches the internet for live streaming sports and delivers it to you in just a few clicks.

P2P4U, like other streaming websites online, is also supported by advertising revenue.

However, the free streaming website P2P4U will not open in all cases when viewers are streaming live sports.

This is an annoying problem for users, so I’m going to list some of my favorite online streaming sites such as P2P4U.

How to Use P2P4U Alternative Sites Safely?

Copyright infringement is not something I encourage. It is important to only stream content from legal streaming sites. If you do want to stream content from sites such as P2P4U, I will briefly explain how you can stay safe while streaming free live sports.

These free streaming alternatives to P2P4U are available for you to use. Here are some things to keep in mind and follow to avoid legal consequences. Streaming live sports content is illegal and can make you a target for your ISP or government surveillance.

To hide my online identity, I use a VPN every time I watch the top sports online via P2P4U alternatives. You should do the same to keep your streaming activities anonymous.

Some websites in this guide may be geo-blocked to certain countries or locations. To unblock these websites, you will need to use VPN.

Feed2all Website | Watch Live Sports Streams Free

Follow the three steps below to set up NordVPN on your device.

  1. Visit the NordVPN website and subscribe to any of their packages.
  2. Now, download and install the VPN software from this link.
  3. Finally, open the NordVPN app and simply click on the power icon to connect the VPN.

Best P2P4U Alternatives to Watch Free Live Sports


VIPBox, the most popular streaming P2P4U alternative site for live sports events, allows you to view all your favorite sporting events from any location. You can watch all your favorite sporting events simultaneously on the site, which boasts more than 130 of the best streaming channels in the world.

You can also stream a huge variety of sports, including Boxing, Hockey, WWE, Soccer and Boxing. Each channel can be streamed and viewed on its own channel. This site has the best feature of all: it allows you to schedule sports events every day and enhances your scheduling system.

SportLemon(p2p4u alternative)

SportLemon (p2p4u alternative)


SportLemon is a great sports streaming site that allows sports fans to watch live sports events, and many other things for free. It’s a great place for sports fans to watch all the games on a variety of devices, including mobile, tablet, computer, laptop and other devices.

This website allows you to stream live NFL matches, as well as College Football Stream, Premier League Stream and MLB Stream. Flash Player is required to stream live sports online. Flash Player can be updated to the latest version if you already have it.


Stream2Watch is a great platform to watch live sports events. It’s one of the most popular live streaming sites for sports. You can access a variety of channels from around the globe on any device.

It has a clean, colorful interface that allows you to quickly find your favorite channels and keep track of all upcoming sporting events. It offers many sports categories, which will allow you to easily find your favorite channel.


SonyLiv, a legal  P2P4U.net alternative streaming platform for live football and other sports, allows sports fans to stream their favorite channels and watch them live without paying any fees. P2P4U brings you live football matches and other games.

P2P4U works in partnership with several leading streaming and live channel websites. This ensures that you can stream most sports and games uninterrupted. The main page will display a list of all the matches between different teams around the world in the form of league matches and tournaments.

Click on the link to see all available options for p2p4u first row sports live streaming. You will also be able to stream live HD video from one connection. P2P4U is the best way to enjoy sports matches free of charge.

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StreamWoop, a platform for soccer fans and other sports enthusiasts, is available on the web. You can access all the top sports channels instantly from this platform.

All you need to do this is have a supported web browser that supports Adobe Flash Player installed. You are now ready to enjoy streaming free of interruption.


FirstRow Sports is a free streaming site that streams almost all of the top sports matches including Football, Hockey and Cricket. It was developed by an experienced team and includes nearly all of the top tools and features that make it one the most popular sport streaming websites.

It’s easy to use the site’s interface, which allows you to quickly access live streaming events. It offers many categories, which are similar to other websites. Each category also has its own options, so you can choose from many. It allows you to stream all esports matches from anywhere in the world.


Redstream is a website that streams sports. Although it’s not as good as most other streaming or live sports channels viewing platforms, it’s still a great option.

Redstream allows its users to watch entertainment and news videos free of charge. It is one of the most popular sports streaming websites on the internet. Redstream is a great option for Americans.


goATDee, the fastest growing sports streaming site specifically designed for sports fans, is goATDee. This site allows you to watch live streaming of sports from all over the globe and learn about everything, from Russian ice hockey tournaments to Brazilian football matches.

You can view all sports on this site daily. New games are added every day to ensure you have the most up-to-date experience. This site is an alternative to P2P4U and offers many new features, tools, services, and tools without limitation. You can stream live from more than 30+ sports on the site, so you can watch every game anywhere in the world.


VipBoxTV, the most popular sports index platform in the world, gives you all the details about your favorite sporting events and ongoing matches. It’s a type of real-time directory which contains all the information you need about the fixtures and schedules for top-class games and sports around the globe.

You can also find all sports on the site, even though they are not listed. Scroll up to see past events, then scroll down to view the next ones.


Sport365 allows you to stream live most popular sports channels online. It is a provider of live streaming sports across the globe.

Sport365 offers live streaming for almost all sports and games. Here you will find streaming and match schedules for the following sports: football, handball and baseball; soccer, tennis, motor racing, hockey and rugby; and many other popular games and sports.

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WiziWig is a popular streaming site for live sports. You can watch your favorite channels anytime, from anywhere in the world. It offers almost all major sports channels, including those that cover different genres like Football, Cricket and Baseball, WWE (p2p4u boxing), Hockey or MotoGP. Each genre has its own channels.

Log-in and personal information are not required for the site. All you have to do is go to WiziWig website, choose your favorite channel and then enjoy all its features. WiziWig is an alternative to P2P4U. However, it offers many new services and features that make it superior.


MamaHD is one the most popular websites for live streaming and watching sports. You can also find multiple videos that are related to games and sports on the site. MamaHD is a site that is specifically designed for sports fans who wish to see all the events from one location.

You can enjoy a variety of live sports channels, highlight clips, and live video streams if you are a true sports fan. This platform allows you to stream all of the sports matches and games that are taking place in different parts of the globe, as well as those on-demand.


SportLemon is a live streaming site for sports that offers unlimited access to live events, schedules and highlights.

It offers a complete live streaming solution that includes almost all channels. Every category has its own channel. To find streaming links, you can choose the game that you wish to view from the list. SportLemon offers the most recent news and events that make it superior to others.

FOX Sports GO

FOX Sports GO offers a wide range of streaming services to its users. They can stream all sports channels free of charge. FOX SportsGO allows streaming to be shared.

You can search the channels by title, category, or time. It also provides information on ongoing matches between teams around the globe. You can start streaming by clicking on any link available.

Myp2pguide(p2p4u alternative)


Myp2pguide allows you to stream live and high-quality sports events. It has a very attractive interface and smooth streaming.

It offers many sports categories, including Tennis, Football and Soccer. Each category offers its own channels for exploring and steam.

p2p4u boxing

p2p4u boxing

Wrapping Up

All the above P2P4U alternative sites mentioned allow you to watch a wide range of live sports online for free.

Our team has tested all the options for P2P4U and they are 100% safe. You can also access any website from our list. You may encounter popups and ads since the streaming sites for live sports are all free.

To keep your internet safe, it is recommended that you use a VPN network connection. These sites also allow you to live stream any sport worldwide in HD quality.

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