The 7 best Adobe PageMaker Alternatives

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Looking for Adobe PageMaker Alternatives? We’ve got options for you. If the subscription model that comes with Adobe PageMaker 7.0 doesn’t sit well with your wallet, there are plenty of other software packages available to cater to all types of people and preferences.

Adobe PageMaker is a leading page layout program for business, education, and home-office professionals who are looking to create top quality layouts such as brochures or newsletters. With so many options available from simple 1-page flyers to complex reports that intrigue readers with their detailed information there’s something on offer here for everyone!

Adobe PageMaker has been considered among some of the best in its field since 1989 when first released by Aldus Corporation. One program which provides professional design tools for crafting quality publication like pamphlets or even something less complex: a flyer. It offers an extensive variety including both easy single sheets up through intricately developed projects—whatever fits what you’re trying to achieve.

A whole new world awaits you under Adobe PageMaker! You can build your publications from scratch or use a pre-designed template to customize it. The color management of this software will let you avoid mistakes in the quality and consistency colors on paper, screen, or online.

Adobe PageMaker 7.0 or higher version contains the most advanced features for professional users. With an intuitive interface and easy-to-use design tools, Adobe PageMaker will give you everything you need to create beautiful content that is tailored to your needs. The integrated applications in Adobe PageMaker allow you take advantage of existing content so that creating customized communications becomes a breeze!

Features Of Adobe PageMaker

The new Adobe PageMaker v11.x release includes an all-new native file import system, a simplified user interface and compatibility with other popular design programs such as Illustrator CC and InDesign CS6 to name just a few highlights of the program’s update.

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The latest version of Adobe PageMaker is its most advanced yet; it boasts features like improved integration for importing files from other software packages in addition to exporting formatted PDFs or creating tagged ones which are particularly useful when including graphics on web pages that will be viewed across different browsers via screen readers (e.g., JAWS). The next generation HTML preview window allows designers to see how their layout looks before they publish it, while customizable effects give users even more control over appearance.

For those who don’t have the budget for Adobe PageMaker, there are plenty of alternatives. Many of them will produce professional-quality results that rival Adobe InDesign software with a fraction or no cost at all!

Now, read on for our pick of the best Adobe PageMaker Alternatives around.

Best Adobe PageMaker 7.0 Alternatives

Swift Publisher

Swift Publisher takes the hassle out of designing and printing through your Apple computer. With a slick interface, it is easy to create everything from letter heads to booklets with this design solution that every Mac lover needs in their arsenal!

Swift publisher is a popular software among apple users because it has streamlined interfaces that make designing simple yet effective. With Swift’s sleek layout you get access to dozens of different design templates which allow you create stunning designs like business cards or invitations in just minutes – without having any expertise at all!

Swift Publisher offers 180 pre-designed templates that give you the advantage of a modern, professional layout with your flyer or newsletter. It’s easy to use and comes in handy for those who are looking for something more advanced than Pages but not as complicated as InDesign.

Swift Publisher

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software that can be used to produce anything from posters, flyers, brochures and magazines. It also has the potential to publish content suitable for tablets using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Adobe’s popular design suite includes everything you need to create print or digital publications with style: over 100 powerful tools including advanced typography controls; new workflows such as Design Space which allow users of all skill levels take advantage of innovative features like drag-and-drop page layout editing; an extensive library containing thousands of fonts in OpenType format plus type kits and more than 20 different premium illustration packs

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Adobe InDesign offers publishing-quality output and makes it easy to convert documents into PDF format. You can also work with fonts, colors, text styles and page layouts on any device using Adobe Creative Cloud for desktop or mobile devices.


Don’t be fooled by the name, VivaDesigner is a fierce competitor when it comes to design and publishing. When you purchase this program for your desktop or mobile device, you’ll have access to one of the most powerful DTP programs available today.

VivaDesigner is a new design software that allows you to collaborate more efficiently with your clients, employees and partners. It isn’t like the traditional DTP because it also provides its users with real-time collaboration tools for better communication.

When it comes to the process of design, many people are looking for innovative features that make their life easier. VivaDesigner does just this by providing users with a real-time collaboration system and an array of tools from different industries such as photography, video editing, print layout etc., all in one place!

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a platform that allows users to design and publish all kinds of postcards, brochures, flyers, layouts. It does more work than Microsoft Word; it not only creates texts and images but also publishes them in different forms of print or digital media.

Microsoft Publisher is a fabulous new tool that allows you to design professional-grade marketing collateral and graphics without any in-depth knowledge. With this application, the user can create something as complex or simple as they want – from printouts of your work with accompanying email attachments for colleagues, friends, clients etc., all on one page. This software provides an easy graphical interface which offers less clutter than other similar programs I’ve used before; everything remains organized where it should be when printing out or sending through emails too!

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher

iStudio Publisher

iStudio Publisher is a user-friendly and powerful desktop publishing program, iStudio Publisher is the perfect tool for Mac users to make professional looking documents. Built with an intuitive page layout system that will allow designers of all skill levels create their dream designs alongside a versatile set of tools from scratch or by importing images directly into your project.

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iStudio Publisher has been called “The Apps for Designers” by Apple because it’s one designer’s favorite way to develop amazing design projects on both iOS and OS X operating systems!

If you are looking for a high-class layout and print, then this platform is perfect. There’s desktop publishing software available in the iStudio Publisher that will make it easier to use than other apps.


SpringPublisher is a software program that allows you to easily design and print your business cards, flyers, magazines, postcards, letterheads or any other paper-based project. With its easy-to-use tools for designing and publishing anything on paper in style with ease!

Have you ever wanted to publish a book but didn’t know where to start? SpringPublisher makes it easy for anyone, whether beginner or expert. With its wide variety of templates and detailed help files, publishing is never so simple!

Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe FrameMaker is a powerful desktop publishing platform that provides writers with all the necessary tools for creating and editing high-quality documents. The new version of this software offers more memory, meaning it can handle long files smoother than ever before!

The Adobe FrameMaker is a high-quality image software for designers and editors who are looking to increase their productivity. The program offers features that allow users to import images with transparency, protect PDF files with passwords, control print settings like bleeds and marks, as well more enhancements in the XML workspace. Now you can enjoy all of these new benefits without sacrificing quality!

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