Enjoy Endless Entertainment With MxQ Pro 4K, a Mobile Wireless TV Streaming Media Player

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MxQ Pro Reviews 2021: The MXQ Pro is a television box that streams media such as a professional digital video camera to your TV. Loaded with great features, and powered on Android 10.1 with a quad-core processor, this television box is amazing. The best part is that when compared to other competitors, it costs a lot less. However, do not let the price fool you because the quality of the images is very good. And with a little bit of add-ons, it can even do high definition.

If you have a powerful gpu and a fast internet connection, the MXQ Pro will stream videos with great details and a cinematic experience. You get superb picture and sound quality and a fully programmable remote. It has been designed with a USB port for quick and easy transfer of content from your computer to your TV. A webcam that records HD quality video can also be hooked up to the MXQ Pro via a USB port.

MxQ Pro 4K Reviews

Like other popular device from the mxq company, the MXQ Pro 4K comes in two variants, one with a powerful gpu and one with a lower version. Depending on your needs, you can pick the one which suits you better. The Pro version features a fully programmable remote with a built-in text-to-speech capability so that you don’t have to stand still while you are recording. This device is great for those who work on their computers all the time, or for people who want to capture amazing videos and images with good sound quality.

The device can support most popular video formats such as DivX and XviD. It can also stream High Definition (HD) video formats as well as standard Definition (SD). In fact, the device can even stream video at 30 frames per second (FPS). It has an HDMI output, which enables it to be used with all latest televisions, such as the LG LCD TVs and Samsung LCD TVs. However, if your TV does not support HDMI, the MXQ Pro will not function.

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The device is very easy to use and has lots of advanced features. The software that comes with the device is very user friendly. It allows you to connect your computer, android phone, and router to the device using different protocols. Since all your devices are running the same operating system, the software will work seamlessly with them. For example, if you want to record a video using the HTC Wildfire HD, you do not need to connect the Pro to your PC.

With the MXQ pro 4k, you can easily convert the recording to your computer. You don’t need any particular software since it is designed for all kinds of operating systems and recording formats. The device also supports the latest high-definition resolutions such as the 1080i. It has a sixteen-bit internal video decoder and has a built in tuner that can capture sound at the same resolutions.

The device can be used as a video camera or can also act as a remotely controlled television. Thus, you will not need any additional accessories like wireless microphones or video transmitters. The Bluetooth connectivity of the MXQ Pro also makes it a perfect device to use as a remote control for your laptop or mobile phone. Apart from this, the device can be used as a PVR as well. You can easily view and edit the captured videos on your android TV screen or can send them to your TV using an SD card.

If you want to make the most out of your recording experience, the HD voice recording feature of the MXQ Pro 4K is an essential component. Moreover, the HD audio support of the MXQ Pro is provided by the quad-core AMLogic A53 processor that delivers high-definition voice quality with no distortion whatsoever. With this device you will never miss out on your favorite recordings again.

Tv Box MXQ Pro 4K Specifications

MxQ Pro Specs Description Items Includes
Android Version: 10.1 HDMI cable (1)
Processor: Amlogic S905W ###
CPU: 64bit ARM Cortex-A53 Remote control (1)
Core: 2.4GHz, Quad Core ###
RAM: DDR3 4G RAM Tv Box (1)
GPU: Mali-450MP ###
ROM: 64GB ROM Power adapter (1)
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